Little Letters


Dear Acme: I want all the loaves.  All. The. Loaves.

Dear KC: Remember when I didn’t feel like making dinner so you said, “Let’s go to Whole Foods.  I’ll buy some wine and you can make a salad.”  I love you.  (And I love wine.)

Dear Salmon Salad:  You were so delicious.  I guess I’ll have to post your recipe soon.

Dear Orange is the New Black:  You’re a little weird, but we’re hooked.

Dear Housecleaners:  Thank goodness you were scheduled to come this week.  You guys make me feel so much more sane.

Dear Baseball:  Two games in one week!  Hitting all the bay area teams over here.  (But we really know I’m mainly in it for the beer and cracker jacks.)

Dear Cal Academy Nightlife Series:  I’m coming to see you tonight!  It’s been quite awhile.  (And thanks, Revolights, for the special invite!)

Dear Hair:  I know you need a cut but uggghhhh… so much work.

Dear Gilmore Girls Re-runs:  Thanks for being there when I need to veg out and decompress.  (Which has been kind of a lot the last few weeks.)

Dear Long Weekend:  OMGGG I can’t wait.

Love, Chelsea

Breakfast Burritos! (And Tacos, too.)

Those spicy roasted veggies ended up lasting us through two full dinners (breakfast burritos one night, tacos the next) and a couple random lunches as well.

And man were they delicious.

I don’t think I really need to tell you how to assemble a taco or a breakfast burrito, but I’ll tell you what I made for ours (in case you’re curious).

First, along with the veggies, I made some pico de gallo.  With only three ingredients — chopped tomatoes + onion + cilantro — pretty much nothing could be easier.

pico de galloFor the breakfast burritos, I grilled some chicken sausages KC had picked up at TJ’s (I think they were the Jalapeno Chicken Sausages), heated up some refried beans, whipped up some scrambled eggs with cheese, and layered all that business together with the veggies, pico de gallo, some greek yogurt, and a healthy dose of hot sauce.

breakfast burrito spread

For the tacos we used all the same fixins (aside from the eggs and sausage), and added some grilled carne asada (pre-marinated from TJ’s).  We layered that business onto corn tortillas instead of flour.

I was too hungry on taco night and so didn’t snap any photos, sorry!

Breakfast BurritoThese tacos and burritos are super customizable, so mix and match things as you like.  The veggies are nice and hearty on their own, so feel free to leave out the meat altogether (or sub in crumbled bacon instead of sausage on the breakfast burritos…omg yum.)  The below is just what we had in our burritos/tacos, so don’t take this to be an exhaustive list by any means.

Breakfast Burritos

  • Spicy roasted veggies
  • Grilled jalapeno chicken sausage
  • Pico de gallo
  • Refried beans
  • Scrambled eggs with cheese
  • Greek yogurt
  • Hot sauce
  • Flour tortilla


  • Spicy roasted veggies
  • Grilled carne asada
  • Pico de gallo
  • Refried beans
  • Greek yogurt
  • Hot sauce
  • Corn tortilla

Double-Duty Spicy Roasted Veggies

I make an effort to make dinner during the week.  Tackling dinner while holding down a full-time job can be challenging (and tiring — let’s just be honest).  I’ll be the first to admit that I get stuck in the rut of making the same couple of salads over and over when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed with life.

Our CSA box has helped a bit in pushing me outside of my normal cooking repertoire (because, like what the hell do you do with kohlrabi?)

This week’s box inspired me to whip up a bunch of spicy roasted veggies which I decided would be perfect for both breakfast burritos one night and tacos the next.

Nothing like cooking once for two meals, eh?

These vegetables are a great end-of-summer blend of things you probably have sitting in your fridge right now (and, frankly, are so easy and delicious, there’s really no reason not to make them.)

Double-Duty Roasted Veggies

Double-Duty Spicy Roasted Veggies

  • 2 medium squash, diced (I used round zucchini, but any summer squash works here)
  • 1 medium yellow onion, diced
  • 2 large bell peppers (any color you like — I used a mix of green and red)
  • 1 cup corn kernels (cut off the cob or frozen)
  • 2-3 tsp. cumin
  • 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 1/2 tsp chili powder
  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (to taste)
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 425°.
  2. Place all veggies onto a large baking sheet.  Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and add all the spices (feel free to just eyeball the amounts — it doesn’t need to be exact, by any means).  Toss everything together until evenly coated, then spread out the veggies so they’re in a single layer on the pan.
  3. Bake 15-20 minutes, until desired done-ness is reached (I wanted a little bite left in mine, so I just did 15 minutes).

Double-Duty Mexican Style Roasted Veggies

Post on our breakfast burritos and taco feast coming up!

Little Letters

starbucks names

Dear Starbucks:  Really, Chelea and Meri from Chelsea and Marie?  Ooookkkk…

Dear Foot:  Remember when I dropped a giant piece of wood on top of you earlier this week?  That sucked.

Dear Breakfast Burritos:  I’m making you tonight.  It’s gonna be so delicious.

Dear Falafel:  You’re on deck!  (With baba ghanouj, of course.)

Dear Labor Day:  I’m excited that you’re coming up.  Mostly because it’s a whole extra day that I get to sleep in.

Dear Downstairs Ceiling:  Rumor has it we’re finally going to paint you this weekend.  Maybe I’ll even get my act together and take some pictures of the new floor we laid 100 years ago too.

Dear Laundry:  Remember how I did 13 (yes, THIRTEEN) loads of you last weekend?  Ugh, the worst.  Thank goodness that’s over.

Dear Camping:  You’re kind of fun, but my back sucks and doesn’t agree with the whole “camping chair/sleeping on the ground” thing.  I’m old.

Dear Fall:  I’ve seen little glimpses of you this week — cold mornings, drizzly, gray evenings.  I’m not even mad about it a little.

Dear Closet:  I cleaned you out, but somehow still feel like I have nothing but a bunch of crap to wear.  Is it you or me?  It’s probably me.

Love, Chelsea

International Homeless Animal Day

Today is International Homeless Animal Day, which I’m celebrating by posting a few pictures of our two little troublemakers: Penny and Seuss.  I adopted Seuss from the Humane Society Silicon Valley back in 2006, and KC and I rescued Penny from Oakland Animal Services early last year.

There are so many wonderful animals at shelters who need loving homes; I hope that if you’re thinking about expanding your pet posse, that you’ll strongly consider adopting.


Little Letters


Dear KC:  Remember when I had a long day of working out then working then teaching, and I came home and you had made dinner?  It’s like, I couldn’t love you any more, but then you were like, “Oh yeah, but I made you carbs,” and my heart exploded.  I sure do love you.

Dear Penny:  I’m sorry that we made you swim during our vacation last weekend.  But I’m not really sorry because your little doggy paddle is so dang cute.

Dear Pizza:  Why must you be so delicious?  I think this whole eating-you-nonstop thing is going to have to end soon, since I really don’t feel like buying a whole new wardrobe’s worth of pants.

Dear Russian River:  You sure are relaxing.  Your amazingness gives me little defense against KC’s obsession with buying a vacation home on your shores.

Dear Oysters:  I get why you’re so expensive (because cheap oysters is kind of on par with cheap sushi, right?), but I sort of wish you weren’t, since I can really eat Kumamotos by the bucketful.  (As long as there’s plenty of hot sauce.  Yum.)

Dear Thursday:  Can’t you just be Friday already?  I’m tired.  Thanks.

Dear SYTYCD:  You’re not as exciting this season as you have been in the past.  I kind of don’t care about anyone.  (Except Ricky, who we all know is going to win.)

Dear LinkedIn:  I sort of don’t see the point of you, and the incessant buzzing on my phone just makes me want to delete you altogether.

Dear Myron’s Walk:  You might just be the best beer in the Beer Camp Across America box.  Although, the Torpedo Hoppy Pilsner might be giving you a run for your money.

Dear Sleep:  Let’s meet up this weekend.

Love, Chelsea