An Update

Piggy-backing onto my post from last week about lessening my screen time on my iPhone, so I don’t waste my life falling into the abyss of Instagram and Facebook, this weekend I went one step further and deleted the Instagram and Facebook apps off my phone altogether.

Now, we all know how easy it is to just re-download that business from “the cloud,” but for now it’s actually helping me use my phone for its intended use (texting, photos, reading my Kindle books… Oh yeah, and calling people.  Almost forgot about that one.)

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this resolution lasts, hmm?

I’ve got a couple of DIY posts coming up soon, including one about the transformation of these two pieces:

dressercartGet excited!

Little Letters

neon shoes

Dear New Neon Workout Shoes:  I don’t even care that you’re so bright and obnoxious that you’ll probably blind people on the street; I’m super into you.

Dear Trapezius Muscles:  Remember how you’ve been making my life a living hell for a solid week and a half now?  Not cool.  Calm the F down, please.

Dear Ice Pack and Heating Pad:  Thank God for you.

Dear KC:  Remember when I woke up in the middle of the night in horrendous pain and couldn’t move, and you zipped all around the house grabbing every helpful thing imaginable?  And then worked from home the next day so you could take me to the doctor?  I love you.

Dear September:  I’m still surprised that you’re here already.  And I’m sooo excited for Oct. 1 (which, in my mind, is the official start of the holiday season.)

Dear Halloween:  You are rapidly approaching, and I can’t wait!  Now to figure out a costume for this year…

Dear Penny:  Would you like to be a bumblebee again, or should we get you a new costume this year?

Dear Seuss:  I hope that trip to the vet this week does the trick.  You sure are high maintenance (and luckily, also cute).

Dear Wunder Unders:  I know I need to get you hemmed.  Uggghhhh so much work.

Dear Weekend:  I’m so looking forward to you.  I can’t wait to go walking with KC and Penny (to Blue Bottle, hello) and veg out to the extreme in the evening!  Oh yeah, and sleep — since my neck sure has made that difficult this week.

Love, Chelsea

Simplifying (because of my addiction)

My name is Chelsea, and I’m an addict.

Hang on a second people — to my iPhone.

I’m addicted to my iPhone.

I don’t think this is all that uncommon.  I think it’s actually becoming more and more prevalent (and dare I say, acceptable?) in today’s day and age.  We’ve got all these mobile devices now that can do anything.  Anytime I’m bored, not bored, standing still, on the move — I’ve got 100 billion apps and pieces of information right at my fingertips.  ANYTIME I WANT.

This kind of power is, well, powerful.  I suddenly found myself attached to my phone more often than not.

Riding in the car?  On the phone.  Riding BART?  On the phone.  Out with friends?  On the phone.  Watching TV?  On the phone.


Then I read this article, about a guy basically dumbing down his smartphone so he wouldn’t be tempted to waste his life on the mobile interwebs.

I didn’t take things quite as far as he did (frankly, having work email on my phone actually makes life easier a lot of the time).  But I did go through my apps and deleted a lot of unnecessary things, then relegated many into category boxes on the second screen (meaning I’d have to swipe over and open a whole other box to get to it — which is less “instant gratification” than having that facebook/instagram/pinterest app front and center on the home page).

Here’s my new home screen (obviously you can see where my priorities lie — public transit, reading, and coffee):

iphone 1And my second screen:

iphone 2Yep, I even relegated Safari into the “Time Wasters” box — because if I really need to look something up, I can get in there.  But most of the time I’m just browsing Yahoo and wasting my life away staring at a little screen.

And, even though I put the WordPress app into the Time Wasters box, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop posting over here.  It just means that I don’t regularly do anything productive on that app (it’s a pain in the ass to post from).

So, what do you think?  Are you a smart phone addict as well?  Or can you “quit anytime you want to”?

Little Letters

Anchor Christmas

Dear Anchor Brewery:  It was so fun touring you this week!  And seeing all those Anchor Christmas labels sure was cool.

Dear Giants Game:  Going to you was super fun, but given that my back was out all weekend because of your stupid bleacher seats, I think I’m going to have to skip it next time unless I’ve got a ticket for a seat with a back on it.  (I’m 100 years old.)

Dear Neck and Shoulders:  So, right after I get my back back in shape, you guys decide to completely freak out?  Not cool.  Not.  Cool.

Dear DIY Projects:  I know, I know.  I need to get on it.

Dear Penny:  Remember how we went to the pet store and got you puppy lotion for your little paws?  You’re officially the most spoiled.

Dear KC:  I’m sad you’re not going to be around this weekend.  Sad face.

Dear Alameda Flea Market:  I wonder what treasures you’ll have this weekend?  Most definitely an Indian curry wrap.

Dear True Burger:  The fact that you’re opening another location within walking distance is amazing for my brain and very troubling for my waistline.  Everyday it’s going to be like, “I want a milkshake and fries, but I also want to not have diabetes.”  Dilemma.

Dear Seuss:  I hope that Kaopectate for cats we got you works.  Keep your little kitty paws crossed.

Dear Summer:  You’re rapidly coming to an end.  It’s been pretty fun, but I must say that I’m super excited to fall to start.

Love, Chelsea

Salmon Salad

Salmon SaladThis salad was made out of random desperation and tiredness last week when I had zero energy to spare for cooking.  KC suggested that we go to Whole Foods and make a salad from the salad bar for dinner (and pick up a bottle of wine.  What can I say?  I married a him for a reason.)  After perusing the salad bar buffet, I ended up getting an idea for this salad — using some ingredients from the salad bar and finishing it off with things I had at home.

This salad would be good with just about any assortment of veggies — so feel free to customize it with whatever you’ve got in your fridge.  I used some summer tomatoes which rounded things out nicely, so I’d recommend using tomatoes if you’ve got them laying around.

This is a great “second night” salad — meaning, if you’ve made salmon the night before and have leftovers, this is a great way to re-purpose the fish (which is what I was doing here).  It’s especially awesome if you made salmon with brown rice, as you can throw both the leftover rice and the salmon into the salad.

Salmon Salad 3

Salmon Salad

serves 2 as a meal


  • leftover salmon
  • leftover brown rice (or any cooked and cooled grain — quinoa, cous cous, whatever) — I like to mix this with a little minced fresh mint, but that’s totally optional
  • lettuce (I used a mix of romaine and mixed baby greens)
  • tomatoes
  • red onion
  • beans (I mixed in garbanzos and edamame)


  • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp dijon mustard
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp agave
  • salt and pepper
  1. Mix together all salad ingredients in your salad bowl.  Whisk together ingredients for the dressing, then toss with the salad.

Salmon Salad 2


Seuss hates everything

Words I Hate:

  • Tablescape (Is it just me or does this word instantly transport you back to like, 2001?)
  • Toothsome (A cooking blog pet-peeve of mine.)
  • Mouthfeel (Yet another cooking blog pet-peeve.)
  • Glean (This might be because of law school, because, for some inexplicable reason, people used it ALL THE TIME there.)
  • Flaccid (I mean, come on.)
  • Precious (Where people use it as, “I thought it would look too precious.”)
  • LOL (Pretty much all the time, but especially when it’s used at the end of every sentence.  LOL. ← Um, nope, what you just said was not funny.)
  • Loose/Looser (When people use it instead of lose/loser.)
  • Vegetarian (When people say things like, “I’m a vegetarian, but I eat fish.”  — It’s called being “pescatarian.”  Or, even worse, “I’m a vegetarian, but I occasionally eat meat.”  Well, then you’re not a vegetarian.  Or we’re all vegetarians.  Either way, it’s asinine.)
  • Sumptuous (it sounds weirdly intimate and makes me feel uncomfortable)
  • Champers (It’s called Champagne.  Show some respect.)

Words I Love:

  • Little
  • Parsnip (isn’t it just nice to say?)
  • Chocolate (yes please.)
  • Cheers (when accompanied by an actual cheers-ing with a drink, not when said as a weird goodbye by a non-European)
  • Humblebrag (so descriptive)
  • Animal (because, hello, they’re so cute)
  • Feast (I think it’s just a hilarious word)
  • Hippopotamus or Hippopotami (how can you be unhappy when saying either of those two words?)

Little Letters


Dear Acme: I want all the loaves.  All. The. Loaves.

Dear KC: Remember when I didn’t feel like making dinner so you said, “Let’s go to Whole Foods.  I’ll buy some wine and you can make a salad.”  I love you.  (And I love wine.)

Dear Salmon Salad:  You were so delicious.  I guess I’ll have to post your recipe soon.

Dear Orange is the New Black:  You’re a little weird, but we’re hooked.

Dear Housecleaners:  Thank goodness you were scheduled to come this week.  You guys make me feel so much more sane.

Dear Baseball:  Two games in one week!  Hitting all the bay area teams over here.  (But we really know I’m mainly in it for the beer and cracker jacks.)

Dear Cal Academy Nightlife Series:  I’m coming to see you tonight!  It’s been quite awhile.  (And thanks, Revolights, for the special invite!)

Dear Hair:  I know you need a cut but uggghhhh… so much work.

Dear Gilmore Girls Re-runs:  Thanks for being there when I need to veg out and decompress.  (Which has been kind of a lot the last few weeks.)

Dear Long Weekend:  OMGGG I can’t wait.

Love, Chelsea