Little Letters

teeny wardrobe

Dear Baby:  Soooo, maybe your daddy and I went to Gap last weekend to buy you a “coming home from the hospital outfit” and ended up buying you a whole teeny-tiny wardrobe because your mama can’t make up her mind about anything these days…  Thank goodness for that employee discount.

Dear Nursery:  You are so close to being finished!  And I can’t even believe how adorable you look.  I think you’re probably my favorite room in the whole house right now.

Dear Belly:  Holy moly you’re big.  How is it that there’s still 8 weeks to go?  Is it possible to get even bigger?

Dear Closet:  Ugh, nothing fits.

Dear Washing Machine:  I realize that I have washed none of the baby stuff yet (I was saving it for the beginning of my maternity leave, which starts a bit before my actual due date), but I’m not really sure how I’m going to wash everything if I can’t reach the bottom of the washer with this giant belly in the way.  I feel like a t-rex with this big belly and short little arms.

Dear Third Trimester:  You’re really tiring.  I could literally sleep like 16+ hours a day at this point.  Apparently the end of pregnancy turns you into a cat.

Dear Waist:  Remember when I had one?  Ah, memories…

Dear Tabbouleh:  You are so delicious!  What a good choice this week.  (And it made me not feel so bad for eating half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s afterward…)

Dear Baby Foot:  Um, just so you know, pushing through my right waist isn’t the preferred exit strategy.

Dear KC:  Can you believe we’re going to be parents after next month?  It’s kind of crazy, considering that when we started dating I couldn’t legally buy booze yet and you thought shopping at Pac Sun was fancy.  Man, so much has changed!  (Except for the fact that I still love you a whoooole lot.)

Love, Chelsea

Wall Art (for cheap)

I mentioned last week that we recently moved a large framed print from our dining room into our bedroom:

cribThe print is from Pottery Barn, and I do really like it, but given that we’re about to have a child, our finances don’t really include an extra $200-$400 for “wall art” at the moment.

I don’t know if you have ever looked into large prints or art pieces, but man are they pricey.  After scouring the internet trying to find a large piece to fill the blank wall in the dining room, I determined that we would either need to bite the bullet and spend $200+ (and likely close to $500) on something, or come up with an alternate plan.

I started looking through the photos on my computer, trying to determine whether there was anything “frame-worthy” that wouldn’t look terrible if it was blown up to a larger size.  Luckily, our amazing wedding photographers had taken some photos of the foliage around the hotel where KC and I got ready on our wedding day, which ended up being a perfect blend of attractive and artsy.

wall art 5 wall art 4

I ordered prints through Apple, blowing up the images to the largest size available (20 x 30), then headed to IKEA to pick out some large frames.

Frames can be super expensive — especially large ones — so the fact that you can get a matted frame for a 20 x 30″ print for $24.99?  Amazing.

wall art 1

The framing process was kind of a pain in the ass (because, hello, it’s IKEA), but the trouble was worth the huge amount of savings.

wall art 2

And check out our dining room wall now:

wall art 3

Pretty nice, right?  And what a steal!  Here’s what it cost:

  • 20 x 30″ print: $17.99 (x 2) = $36
  • IKEA Ribba Frame: $24.99 (x 2) = $50
  • Total cost: $43 per print/$86 total

PS: The print above the crib in our room is hung on hooks and anchored to the wall, so it’s nice and securely fastened (and that crib is on wheels and will most likely be pulled over to the bed when the little lady arrives anyway).  :)

Little Letters

blue ceiling

Dear KC:  That blue ceiling makes me so happy.  I know that laundry/family room space has been such a work in progress for like ever, but I think we’re allllmost done with it!

Dear Mom, Alexis and Grandma:  I can’t thank you guys enough for that wonderful baby shower on Sunday.  You guys definitely know how to throw a classy soiree, and this little lady and I are so lucky to have all three of you in our lives.

Dear Baby:  Um, have you been doing Bar Method in my belly?  Because dang your legs are strong.  Sometimes I swear your little foot is gonna push right through my waist.  Oof.

Dear Energy:  Where’d you go?  No, seriously.

Dear Dinner:  If you could make yourself, that would be so amazing.  For some reason this whole third trimester thing seems to be a lot of, “I don’t know what I want to eat” and “I have zero energy to figure it out.”

Dear Squirrel:  I’m sure it’s very luxurious and comfy up in our attic, but I’m really going to need you to find a new place to live.  Either that or start paying rent.

Dear Taxes:  Um, I hope you will be providing us with a giant refund this year because holy moly this whole having a baby thing isn’t cheap.

Dear Guy scooting past me and my giant belly in line:  I think the words you were looking for were, “Excuse me,” not “Look out.”  (I get that chivalry is pretty much out of the picture at this point, but remember regular manners?  Those were kind of awesome.)

Dear Maternity Leave:  6 weeks!  Omggggg.

Dear Heartburn:  So you’re back, huh?  Please excuse me for not celebrating.

Love, Chelsea

Weekend Things

I realize that it’s Wednesday now, so I’m a little late in talking about last weekend.  But I’ve been a little bit overwhelmed by the exhaustion of being 7 1/2 months pregnant, so I’m just gonna let this one slide (hopefully you will too).

This weekend we went to IKEA on Friday night to pick up a few odds and ends.  We moved a large picture from our dining room into our bedroom, so the huge blank wall had been staring at me for a week, begging to be filled up by something.  I don’t know if any of you have looked into large photographs or prints, but man are they pricey.  We ended up blowing up a couple photographs we already had and framing them in IKEA frames.  The result was both inexpensive and awesome — I’ll post about it next week.

On Saturday we decided to try out Timeless Coffee.  Even though everything is vegan, I have to say that my almond milk mocha was actually quite tasty.

timeless coffee

KC got the cold-brew coffee, which was so delicious, but sadly doesn’t come in decaf.  I’m definitely missing my favorite cold brew these days (I know caffeine is allowed during pregnancy, but I haven’t had caffeine in over a year so it makes me feel like I’m on meth when I have it — or, what I assume being on meth feels like.  Y’know, like you could really go to town on some grout lines if someone handed you a toothbrush.)

After our coffee outing, KC got to work on some house projects while I relaxed on the couch (like I said, I’m pretty sure he’s having some sympathy nesting pains these days).  It was pretty hot out on Saturday, so I stuffed my 30 week belly into some cutoffs, because I have no shame, even with this giant basketball belly:

30 week belly

We headed down to my parents’ house that night because one of my showers was the next day.  My mom, sister and grandma threw the shower, and it was pretty freaking amazing.  I couldn’t really imagine a better day.  And just check out this amazing diaper cake that my aunt made:

diaper cakediaper cake topper

Baby Deatsch is really feeling the love already.  She is one lucky lady to have all these wonderful women in her life! :)

After we got home from the shower, we went through our gifts and KC decided to take the baby carrier for a spin:


That’s the Ergo 360 with 11 1/2 pounds of adorableness inside.  And by the way, Penny did not mind being the guinea pig one bit for the trial run.

I have a feeling that Penny is going to have a wee bit of jealousy when this little peanut arrives!

Little Letters

penny and socks

Dear Penny:  I’m not sure why you have such a fascination with our socks, but it’s simultaneously adorable and a little bit gross.  (She steals them after we take them off and uses them as a pillow.)

Dear Baby:  Your room is almost ready!  I can hardly believe it.  Sometimes I go in there and just think about what it will be like when you’re here.  And by the way, your daddy is pretty excited to meet you (he keeps asking, “What do you think she’ll be like??”)

Dear Food:  I can’t seem to get enough of you these days and this belly is really showing it.

Dear $30 Parking Ticket:  After close to 3 months, 2 appeals, and a strongly-worded letter + supporting documents, I’m getting you refunded.  Don’t mess with a pregnant attorney who knows when she’s in the right.

Dear Trader Joes’ This Cranberry Walks Into A Bar:  Um, why are you so randomly delicious right now?  So weird.

Dear Lungs:  Remember when it didn’t feel like I was out of breath all the time?  I miss that.

Dear Baby Gap:  OMG STOP.  I can’t even deal.

Dear BLTA:  There’s kind of nothing more amazing and delicious than you right now.  I think I’m gonna have to recreate that sandwich again tonight for dinner.  Bacon forever.  (But not in the first trimester.  Barf.)

Dear KC:  Thanks for tackling all those projects around the house last weekend.  You’re the best.

Dear Weekend:  I can’t wait to sleep in!  This whole third trimester thing just makes me want to sleep 24/7.  Zzzzzz…

Love, Chelsea

New Favorite Thing

I’ve gotten to the part of pregnancy where I’m feeling really tired and heavy a lot of the time.  Carrying around a bowling ball in your midsection all day long is no easy feat, and my hips, knees, ankles, and feet are well aware of just how much weight I’ve put on.  By the end of the day my body is so exhausted, even just getting up off of the couch is like an endurance exercise.

Because of how uncomfortable I’ve gotten over the past few weeks, I decided to do something I hadn’t done since I was a kid — take a bath.

bath 1

KC and I went to Target last weekend and picked up a bath stopper (I don’t know what kind of drain plug they used back in 1926, but whatever it was I’m sure it was lost in our house long ago) and some bath salts (no, not the drug kind).

candles 1

Our tub isn’t a big soaking tub, or really anything luxurious by any means, but man is it relaxing to hang out in there for a bit.  There’s something about getting the weight off of your lower body for a little while during pregnancy that is just magical (even if my big belly sticks out over the top of the water line in our tiny tub).

bath 2

So if you’re feeling a little stressed, or maybe a lot pregnant, try a bath!  It’s totally my new favorite thing.  Light some candles, get a good-smelling bath soak, put on your favorite Pandora station and you’re in business.

candles 2

Weekend Things

This weekend we went out for sushi (twice!) because I was craving it (calm down, I get the cooked rolls), got our Tdap shots (my arm is still a little sore), I spent some quality time with the animals after teaching on Saturday morning (Seuss was thrilled to be hanging out with Penny and me):


seriously, get me out of here.

We took a long walk with Penny on Sunday, which pretty much exhausted me (carrying this wee bairn around is no joke these days), so Penny and I recovered on the couch afterwards:


The nesting bug seems to have hit KC as well, as he spent a lot of the weekend tackling projects around the house, getting things prepped for a little lady’s arrival — he mounted 2 TVs, rearranged the bedroom to fit our new mini crib, hung up a few things in the nursery, and painted the ceiling downstairs — something we’ve been meaning to tackle since last June…


Our little house is coming together and looking more and more baby-ready.  I can’t wait to show you the nursery once it’s all (or mostly) finished!